Now that Life Fest 2021 is behind us, we are actively working on the lineup for Life Fest 2022! Below you will find the list of confirmed speakers.

If you would you like to speak at Life Fest, contact us!

Don Hughes

Dr. Don Hughes is a seasoned minister, Apostolic leader, mentor, counselor, church planter and author. He serves as the Lead Instructor for REV House School of Ministry and has 45+ years serving in God’s Kingdom.

BJ Beth Riley

BJ & Beth Riley

BJ Riley lives in Washington Indiana with his wife Beth. Since his radical conversion in 2010, he has been proclaiming the saving, life transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyone he comes in contact with.

BJ has a passion for pioneering new works in the Kingdom of God, and has planted churches in multiple nations.

He currently serves as Senior Pastor of Victory Community Church, a church he and his wife planted in Vincennes Indiana in 2017.

BJ and Beth are the founders of the House of Victory Recovery Center in Vincennes. In addition, they have founded multiple other discipleship houses for men and women in recovery.

They have also founded Heaven’s Kitchen, a feeding program and community outreach center in Washington Indiana.

BJ and his wife are passionate about seeing people give their lives to Christ, and working with them until they become fully devoted disciples. They work with many people that have a background of addiction, and continue to see many people delivered and set free through the power of Jesus Christ. They believe that every disciple has the potential to become a leader, and are passionate about helping people find their purpose and develop their calling.

The Rileys’ have a great burden for the lost, and are very passionate about missions. They believe we are living in the last days, and that the whole world needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ before the Lord’s return. BJ has held large Crusades and Pastor’s Conferences all over the world, seeing multitudes gather to hear about Jesus, and experience the power of God. Thousands have repented and came to Christ, been baptized in Jesus’ name for the remission of sins, and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in these meetings. Many have testified of physical healing, which has been verified by medical doctors.

Although he has been called Apostle, Evangelist, Bishop, Pastor, and Teacher, he serves in each role with sincere dedication and humility, giving Jesus all the glory.

BJ is an author and also a pilot. He is the co-owner of a small Cessna aircraft, which is sometimes used for ministry.

His greatest desire is to bring hope and healing to our world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. He preaches Apostolic truth with genuine love and compassion, and has a great desire to see the twenty first century church come to a first century church experience.

Tony Suarez

Tony Suárez is the founder of Revivalmakers, a spirit filled evangelistic ministry that travels from church to church as well as hosts events, tent revivals, healing services and crusades around the world. A third generation Pentecostal preacher, Tony’s greatest passion in life is preaching and teaching about Jesus and watching God save and heal. His calling is to be a remnant of pentecost to the world.

He is a regular host and guest on TBN and the Victory Channel. His preaching ministry and program Revivalmakers can be found daily on various Christian outlets.

Tony is the author of three books, with a new one on the way:

“Defeating the Spirit of Hyena” (Aug 2021);
“The Triumphant Church (2018); and
“Use Me Lord” (2012)

His brand new book, REVIVALMAKERS, published by Destiny Image, is due out May of 2022.

In addition to his ministry work, Tony serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), the nation’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, serving more than 40,000 congregations in the United States as well as thousands of churches abroad. Through his role as COO, Pastor Tony regularly meets with members of Congress, the White House, and speaks at events to advance the cause of righteousness, life and religious liberty.

Tony and his wife Jina, along with their five children, reside in Tennessee.

Joseph S. Girdler

Joseph Girdler currently serves as the Kentucky Ministry Network Superintendent (Assemblies of God).