Music @ Life Fest

We are fortunate, once again, to have some great Worship Leaders lined up for Fest. If you have attended Life Fest within the past few years, you might recognize some of the names listed below.

Come and worship with us at Life Fest. You will not be disappointed!

Devoted Worship

Devoted Worship

Worship Team, Life Church Kentucky

Devoted Worship is the Worship Team from Life Church Kentucky and committed to setting an example that worship is more than just music; it is a lifestyle that is lived every day. Their desire is to see everyone receive the Holy Spirit and for mental, physical and spiritual needs to be met.

Rooted Worship

Rooted Worship

A Present Truth Worship Ministry

Our Unique Mission:
To take the message of a Christ-centered identity to the nations. Being based out of the International City of Atlanta allows this to happen without traveling very far. The nations are here. It is the intention of Rooted Worship to musically minister theologically sound lyrics and to impact a new generation in a movement of present truth and grace.

Our Story:
Rooted Worship began in a conversation while sitting on a patio watching the sunset at dinner. The Lord gave us the official name "Rooted" to depict the Life we were experiencing through the Father/Son worship team based out of our church.

The father of "Rooted Worship" is Dr. Stan Coates, a 3-time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter who also won a Grammy as well. He is traveled 300 days a year back in the 80's with a major Christian Rock group called, "Mylon LeFevre & Brokenheart". They were the first Christian Music Video on MTV and stayed at the top of the charts. Dr. Stan co-wrote the #2 song in the US, "The Warrior" under Amy Grant's "Love Will Find A Way". He brings his expertise in music producing to Rooted Worship.

The mother of "Rooted Worship" is Dr. Cindye Coates, Th.D. - an award-winning speaker and writer. Dr. Cindye is a theologian and a gifted communicator. She is our lyricist - putting poetic words to our melodies reflecting sound teaching from the Scripture. She is all about people having their identity in Christ; rooted in 100% victory!

The founder of "Rooted Worship" is Pastor Tyler Coates - a worshiper and gifted servant-leader who happens to play the guitar and write unforgettable melodies. Tyler always thought he would be an architect until God called him to be a worship leader to the nations. Instead of drawing blueprints for buildings, he writes songs that serve as blueprints/direction for people's lives. Tyler has ministered in song at house churches, mega churches, parks, festivals, concert halls, retreats, TV, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.

What Others Are Saying:
Those who have been in our worship meetings say they sensed fear and anxiety leave them as they felt hope and peace like they never imagined. Many say they had an encounter with the tangible presence of God's love in a way they will never forget. Relationship have been mended among families and friends when the glory manifests in the meetings. People say they were able to forgive as God showed them reasons why things happened. Amazing breakthroughs happen every time without fail.

Countless people have reported physical healing during the time of prophetic declarations in the middle of the songs. These testimonies can be seen on our Facebook Page as there are too many to mention here.

We always like people to come to our worship events expecting God to do something amazing as they focus on His glory and unlimited love.

Rooted Worship
1557 Hascall Dr., Marietta, GA 30064

Silent Praise

Silent Praise

Sign Language / Deaf Ministry

Silent Praise is a Ministry that worships God through sign language which blesses both the deaf and the hearing. The Ministry consists of their leaders, Jackie and Sanford Wade, as well as over a dozen other members from the AP Church of the Living God in Bedford, Kentucky. This group is active throughout Kentucky and Indiana; bringing their ministry to various churches as well as county festivals and other gatherings. They worship God while showing others the need for sign language in order to reach the deaf with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are over 30 million deaf in the United States and only about 7% of them have ever heard of the name of Jesus. Silent Praise is ever-willing to bring their worship style to churches when asked to come. Everywhere they have been, the churches report they were a blessing to the congregation.

Jim and Melissa Kody

Jim and Melissa Kody


Jim and Melissa have participated in several of our past Life Fest Events. Jim is an anointed Worship Leader - skilled at leading us deep into God's presence - as well as a gifted teacher. Melissa is a powerful prayer warrior, a gifted speaker, a lover of the Word and has a sincere desire to see God move in people's lives. Together, they utilize their individual and complementary giftings to minister in unique ways.

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