The dynamics of a church body operating within the sphere of spiritual gifts is a real testimony to the world around us. In a self-centered, self-sufficient culture – where isolation and disconnectedness seem to be increasing – this kind of inter-dependent, accountable, relational atmosphere will seem like an oasis in the desert. People long for the kind of connection where love abounds.

Suppose you have the cure for cancer. God gifted it to you! Wow, what a wonderful gifting you have but because you have no way to implement your gift, you cannot use it and thus, cancer is not cured. This is an example of what happens far too often in ministry. Ministers with amazing gifting are simply not given an opportunity to implement their gifting. In order for your gift to have value, you have to be able to operate in your gifting.

At Life Fest, we focus on not only helping identify and impart gifting but also provide a format for you to exercise your gift in an environment where there are seasoned ministers (Presbytery) to help you learn as your implement. This “hands on” approach focuses on everyone who comes to the gathering. We encourage you to come and not only be ministered to but also to be prepared to exercise your gifts and minister to others.

See you at Life Fest! Come prepared to implement your gifts and to help others.