Most church leaders will claim they have an interest in developing leaders and biblical community. With that comes the responsibility to help other people grow. In order to grow in your ministry calling, we need to have our calling and gifting clearly identified. Here are some areas to help you understand.

Where You Spend Your Time?

You invest time in what matters to you. For example, if a husband claims to have a conviction for pursuing his wife but never takes her out on a date, the husband does not really hold that conviction. Not really. In church ministry, time will reveal where expressed convictions are not genuine.

Most leaders claim to value groups but spend very little time thinking strategically about biblical community, communicating its necessity with passion or equipping others to participate. The “time test” reveals that most church leaders care exponentially and disproportionately more about the weekend worship services than they do about identification and preparation.

LifeWay Research conducted a study about leadership development and found that only 25% of church leaders spend time truly developing leaders.

Where You Invest Your Resources?

Many preachers accurately preach and declare, “If you want to know what is important to you, look at where you spend your money.” If something is really a conviction, you fund it. Evaluate your funding in light of your expressed convictions, giftings, directions, callings, etc. How do they compare? Invest in developing your ministry by coming to Life Fest and meet more ministers in that same pursuit!

What You Talk About?

Your conversation pattern tells much about your ascension gifting because how you see things is reflected in your speech. When we are passionate about something, we talk about it; sometimes non-stop! A conviction will come out of your mouth. You will grow weary holding it in; indeed you cannot.

What have you been talking about over and over again? This passion is your true gifting. At Life Fest (and ongoing), we are focused on helping you not only identify your gifting but to stay focused on who you really are, what you are gifted to accomplish and to not become weary in staying the course.